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You deserve the most advanced, gentle dentistry available. That's why Taylor dental invests in the newest technology for use in diagnosing and treating all dental conditions. Experience fast treatment and incredible results!

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

Digital radiographs provide our team with instant, accurate diagnostic images to use in assessing and planning your care. Digital X-rays are an improvement over traditional X-rays in several ways. They are safer, exposing you to less radiation than traditional X-rays. Also, they require no development time and use less material than traditional X-rays. Plus, they are easily saved in our computer system for future reference.

Digital Photography

Digital photographs provide our team with a visual reference of both your smile and your face to use for future reference.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera lets you see what we see during examinations and treatment. Imagine being educated about every aspect of your dental care by seeing your own teeth on a chairside monitor! You will understand exactly what your treatment will entail and will have an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Your oral health is important, and the FDA approved VELscope® oral cancer screening system provides you with a quick, safe and comfortable way to detect oral cancer when it is the most treatable. Each year, more than 31,000 people are diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer, and half of them do not survive because the cancer is not diagnosed early enough. Early detection raises the survival rate to as much as 80%.

VELscope® uses a safe blue light, without the aid of stains or rinses, to detect tissue abnormalities in the earliest stages, before they reach the surface and become visible. It takes only 5 minutes to protect your health and prevent you from becoming a statistic. Ask Dr. Taylor or Dr. Shoults today about this powerful new tool.


The DIAGNOdent® is a brand new, high tech tool that allows us to find cavities on the chewing surfaces of back teeth, even when they are just beginning and would have been missed by previous detection methods.

The DIAGNOdent® is a small, portable laser unit that detects the cavity and alerts us with an audible signal and a numerical readout, so we have an idea of the cavity’s size. The value is that we can stop cavities in their infancy, whereas in the past they would have to be significantly bigger before we could find and treat them. Just like other areas of medicine and dentistry, early detection and treatment is of immeasurable value in preserving your health.